Our dedication to awesome coffee and baked goods is evident the moment you walk in the door. Our goal is to be a place where you can experience real food that made by people that are in our community and we can get to know, then to bring to you the most exciting, flavorful, and pure product we can. We are always on the look for people and producers that share this passion.

We began in 2010 by bringing our fresh roasted coffee to farmers markets and individuals that love great coffee. Now our retail coffee company, Chava Coffee Co., LLC is a premier coffee roaster specializing in Fair Trade™ organic coffees that all come from farms that really take their product seriously and go beyond regular practices to ensure the highest quality. All of Chava's coffees are on showcase here at The Life House.

Organics is the true heartbeat of The Life House we are proud to use the best local sources and constantly look for new suppliers that have the passion for simple ingredients and staying away from artificial ingredients. We are proud members of TOFGA and fully support organizations and group that help farmers and organic producers succeed. We are a drop point for a number of local CSA's provided by local farms and use the freshest milk from Mill King Creamery for all of our drinks and baking needs.

The last piece of the puzzle is to be a place that builds community and strangers meet strangers. Our heart is that people meet and connect with people that they may not have met before. To be a place that life happens whether good or bad that we can experience it together. We want to the oasis away from the everyday and be the place that is truly yours.

506 N. Goliad

Rockwall, TX



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